Santa Claus is coming to town!

S A N T A R C H Y S t L 12-11-2004

Get out your Santa Suit and get ready to get jolly. December 11th, everyone is invited to dress up and gather together to march through the city in proclamation of... I guess the Holiday Season. Come dressed as your own inner Santa Claus or whatever way the Holiday inspires you: dress as a reindeer, a Christmas tree, a sexy Mrs. Clause, Hanukah Harry, or whatever you think of. Dress naughty or nice, just dress up and join us.

We will rampage through Metro St. Louis from bar to bar starting in the U-City Loop, with many wonderful photo op stops in between. Santa's Reindeer will still be out to pasture so bring comfortable shoes. We will mostly be taking the MetroLink and Bi-State bus to get around. Don't forget to bring gifts for people.

NOTE: This event is NOT intended to be a: protest of Christmas (unless you choose it to be). celebration of Christmas (unless you choose it to be). political statement (unless you choose it to be). This event IS intended to be whatever you choose it to be.