April 24, 2001: Wanda writes, "What are the lyrics to Heart Failed (In the Back of A Taxi) and what does this song mean?" Well, here is my best stab at the lyrix, but as for the meaning, your guess is as good as mine. I'm interested to hear others' interpretations...

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Added Jan. 21, 2001: Some cool pics of St. Etienne in concert at the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, August 5th, 2000 in Spain submitted by Manuel.

Super cool foto by Andy Smith!

Added Oct. 20, 2000: The following videos are all on Launch.com. You can watch 1 before you have to have a user id and log in to watch more. It doesn't cost anything to get a login though and it's worth it for anyone who loves muzik videos...

Saint Etienne
Bad Photographer

Saint Etienne
How We Used To Live

Saint Etienne


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Hey look who I spotted in a local entertainment newspaper (12/29). They were on some reviewer's list of best albums of 1998. Who knew anyone else here had taste? ;)

[Nov. 25, 1998] György Wittinger's live and backstage St. Et pics...

Saint Etienne is one of my favourite pop groups. They hail from London, and have been crafting lovely melodies for many years now. When I was staying in London over the summer I was lucky enough to catch one of their gigs.

They were promoting their new album, Good Humor. If for some freak reason you don't have it yet, run, don't walk, to the store and get it this instant. The US version even has 2 cd's for double your helping of St. Etienne goodness.

For more info, check their official page.

The show was at the Shepherds Bush Empire, May 16th.
Venue was comparable to St. Louis' American Theatre inside.

Flyer from the show.

The t-shirts they were selling.

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