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07/23/05:My 30th BDay Party @ Amp: Thanks to all who came to my Bday Party. It was supa, supa fun! The digicam was messing up so some of the pics came out looking crazy technicolor rainbow. There's also some pics in here of my insanely decorated cube at work and some pics from fam dinner on Friday at Michael's. See pics.

01/22/05:Games & Drinks Nite in Honor of January Bdays: Had everyone over to my apt to play games and drink bourbon slush and also honor my 8 January Bday friends (note Bday Decor I made for ya!). See pics.

01/08/05:Stephanie's Surprise 30th Bday Party: Surprise! Stephanie is 30! Had a party in a Suite at The Millennium Hotel downtown. See pics.

01/05/05:Chicago: We drove to Chicago to see VNV Nation. There was much snow and ice. It was freezing cold. The show was excellent but the drive home was hellish See pics.

11/20/04:Shooie's Surprise 30th Bday Party: Surprise! Shooie is Dirty Thirty! Had a party at PJ's Martini Bar followed by more drinks at Nik's Wine Bar. (me, Tom and Rebecca stopped off in between at a Craft Alliance Carnival.) See pics.

11/11/04:House Warming: People came over and got sloshy at the new apartment. Besides the many spills, everything went well. Hope to have you over again soon! See pics.

07/24/04:Birthday Party #29: Everyone converged at our (newly re-arranged) apt for drinking, eating and milling about. A good time was had by all. Thanks for the great prezzies and cards! See pics.

07/22/04:RiverSplash: Paul Oakenfold: We took metrolink down to the arch to hear Paul Oakenfold dj. We were prepared for it to be 108 heat index, which it had been all day, but we arrived and the weather was all lovely. Cool breezes and the constant look of an impending storm that never came. Intermittant lightning made for a cool view. Unfortunately they shut it down early when they determined there was too much lightning. Bah! It was just getting good. Half of these pics Kurt took. See pics.

06/17/04:Olympic Torch & Randomness: Wow, I haven't posted on here in ages. Today the Olympic Torch ran past my apartment. Many people lined the sides of Manchester rd to watch. Pretty much there were a lot of police cars and then a guy ran by with a torch. The other pics here are ones me and Lindsey took in the car the day I got my new very own digital camera! See pics.

01/24/04:Maryann's Bday Party: Some pics from Maryann's Birthday party. See pics.

12/31/03:New Year's Eve: Pics from New Year's Eve include pics from Lindsey's 6th bday and also some forest park stuff. See pics!

12/06/03:Santarchy StL: Me, Tom, Anita, John and Joyce joined up with a bunch of other crazy ppl for Santarchy. This involved dressing in santa outfits and trekking around town in a big group by car, metrolink and on foot attempting to hit 15 bars between noon and 1:30am. We also passed out candy to kids and random ppl we saw along the way.

11/01/03:Halloween Party!: Sat nite me and Tom and Rebecca went to a costume party at her friend's friend's house. Everyone had to wear a costume and there was a costume contest and also karaoke. The owner of the house, Bob, had turned the downstairs into a pretty impressive haunted house. Some of the pics that are dark are where I was trying to show the blacklight effect in the haunted house (a little too dark to see, sorry). Tom was a girl (again) and it was my idea for me and Rebecca to be siamese twins. She later bought witch hats and then we became siamese twin witches! As you can see in the pics we didn't stay joined too long... More pics to be added later when she gets hers back. See pics! The dead guy singing karaoke is Tony. He was singing first I'm Too Sexy followed by Sinatra's My Way. The people I posed with were most of the contest winners.

10/30/03:Lindsey's Halloween Party: I wasn't able to attend, but Lindsey had her Halloween parade and party at school. Mom and Sara went and took pictures.

10/04/03:Rock Hill Fall Festival: My brother Ben and his wife and kids came into town for a visit because it was their son Robbie's birthday. They came with us to watch the annual Rock Hill parade go down Manchester and then to the Fall Festival at Hudson School. I think everyone had fun. See pics.

09/05/03:Visit with Kristi: Tom and I went over to Kristi's house to see her and her cute babies. Noah slept almost the whole time and Connor was a ball of energy.

August 2003:Lots of Stuff: I went to Jeff City with Tom to visit my brother Ben and his wife Cindy and their cute kids Robbie and Aja. That was fun as we had never hung out before.

Me, Tom, Jenni and Maryann went downtown to climb through the Colossal Colon and learn about colorectal health. The yucky things inside the colon are colon polyps, colon cancer and hemmorhoids. Eeew! In the 5th pic Tom is performing a colonoscopy. And we learned, as a preventative measure, you must get your digital rectal exam...

A bunch of us went to the Taproom to see Tom G's band play. There were drunk people there who kept trying to make us dance with them. Shooie finally danced with one lady.

07/26/03:My 28th B-day Party: The Electro-Pizza Birthday Jamboree went very well and everyone seemed to have fun. We had 4 screens of trippy visualizations and 2 rooms of muzik with low lighting. I ate a lot of pizza and got some good prezzies too. The black and white pics we took will be added later. See pics!

05/02/03:Zoo Friends' Day: I took some pics so you could see what you missed if you couldn't make it this year. Also I shot a little over a minute of video footage of the bears. Check it out.

03/17/03:St. Patrick's Day: Lindsey came over and hung out with us for awhile today. We did some art projects and acted silly. She wanted Tom to sit with us and draw too but he was trying to sit with us and read a book instead, but Lindsey was having none of that. See pics.

03/09/03: My buddy Mike from Atlanta came to visit for a few days. We took a lot of pics and went to the Arch but when we were there something freak happened and all the pics in both of our digital cameras disappeared. Could it be haunted? Only the pics we took after the Arch remained. They are of us at Absolutli Goosed and then later in front of the Donnie Darko-lookin' bunnies at the Haberdashery. See pics. The pic we took at King & I disappeared too, so I really don't know what happened, or if the Arch was even to blame!

01/25/03: Stephanie won a free movie party for 25 friends at the Tivoli so we went and saw the latest installment of Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival. Afterward we convened at Blueberry Hill for some drinks.

01/17/03:Maryann's B-Day Party: Everyone brought snacks and drinks and hung out at Maryann's to help her celebrate her birthday.

01/12/03:Tom's B-Day Dinner: Everyone came out to eat dinner together at El Maguey in honor of Tom's birthday. The people working there sang to him in Spanish and gave him a sombrero. Whipped cream was also involved.

01/11/03: Tonight we went on a pub crawl of sorts. We started at Atomic Cowboy and then went to some lil hole in the wall dive Shooie had found called the Maple Leaf Inn. We drank pitchers of Busch for $5 and Shooie sang karaoke Eagles songs. Then we went to Nick's Pub and Uncle Bill's before calling it a night.

01/08/03: Today me and Tom went to The City Museum downtown. It was my first time but he had been before. It was pretty interesting. Here are some pics of us climbing around on their outside exhibit called The MonstroCity.

12/31/02: New Year's Eve!: Everyone convened at Shooie's house to drink and dance in the new year. He had converted the basement into a discotheque complete with disco balls, lights, strobes and a boomin' sound system. I provided the muzik in the form of a few hours of industrial-dance/darkwave/synth followed by a few hours of techno/house/pop etc. The upstairs had cool low lighting, the bar area, the food room and also a chillout lounge with comfy seats. See it all here.

12/26/02: Met up with some people at Llyewellyn's(sp) for some foodage and drinks. Table for 10...? Everyone working there was surly for some reason so we didn't stay that long. Then we went to Karaoke nite at Blueberry Hill where Betsy sang Sade and the rest of us drank a lot. Afterward it was on to the Halo Bar where they have a lot of expensive drinks and a crap beer selection. Check out our pictures.

11/1/02: Went for happy hour at Trailhead out in st cho and then some of us went over to Shim's house for awhile. He has a new kitty named Sullivan. Very cute, but I think we were all a bit allergic.

7/25/02: A bunch of us went to Blueberry Hill again for karaoke night. It was a bit more low-key this time than past efforts but was still enjoyable. Some ppl were passing out beer shaped pins with flashing lights on them to promote Pilsner Urquell so we put them in some interesting places.

7/21/02: My 27th Bday Party: Another lovely time was had by all when we met up at Fitz's for bday shenanigans. Much beer was drunk and pool was played. Whoever was in charge of taking pics is in trouble cuz half the guests were not represented! Oh wait...maybe I was in charge of that...

7/4/02: 4th Of July: We went and drove thru Webster and saw some fireworks from the car and then moseyed over to Blueberry Hill for Karaoke night.

6/22/02: Went out with Maryann and Colleen and checked out this brand new Martini bar here called Absolutli Goosed. They had many crazy martinis to choose from. Colleen had Porky Pig in Leather (which involved cranberry and chocolate), Maryann had Bugs Bunny In Drag (which tasted like malibu rum and something) and I had something or other O'Toole which was Absolut Mandarin, Blue Curaco and Cointreau ... thus tasting kinda orange but looking rather blue. Pretty cool.

6/18/02: Rasputina Concert: Rasputina finally graced us with their presence again! Except this time they were playing this tiny cruddy club called Creepy Crawl. Hrm. We could barely see them at all cuz there were too many people in front of us. Here are the pics I was able to take by standing on my tip-toes and using the zoom feature. This is mainly Melora, (the singer) and two pics of Cowperthwaite.

6/8/02:Lindsey's 1st Dance Recital: Today we went and saw my niece Lindsey dance in her first recital. She was super cute of course and did a great job. Unfortunately no flash fotography was allowed during the show so none of the actual dancing shots really turned out but you can get a rough idea. Check it out.

5/25/02: Katie & Scott's wedding reception, Milwaukee, WI: Tom and I got a Friends Fly Free fare on Southwest Airlines and flew to Chicago where we then rented a car and drove about 2 hours to Milwaukee where my friend Kt was having her wedding reception at a park. It was really cold outside but we drank enuff to make it okay. We stayed at the park till about 11pm drinking and dancing until the rangers said we had to leave. Then the party moved to Kt and Scott's house where ppl continued on drinking and dancing into the wee hours. All the outside pix are at the park and the inside ones are at Kt's downstairs neighbor's part of their house. The big-big dog is his. See pics!

5/11/02: Ah I have been slackery about posting the new pix. (and some old pix). Well here ya go--a bunch together old and new.

I finally got the pix from Christmas 2001 developed.

On April 12th, I went with Tom to Atlanta to see VNV Nation in concert and visit with Mike and Debbie. We also went to Little 5 Points to shop. There was a scary clown trashcan outside of Junkman's Daughter.

Sometime in early May, me and Kim found a lost dog by her apt. She was super cute and nice. We took her in and played with her for awhile before taking her to the Animal Hospital. We wanted to keep her!

3/29/02-4/09/02: Europe 2002 : here are the pics. Well, between Maryann and I, we took about 6 rolls of pictures. Here is a small selection of them. In London we went to Nando's which has super yummy spicy chicken and chips. We also went to Portobello Road market and I saw these freaky bird people in a shop window. In Paris, we stayed with Maryann's friend Frederique who informed us that this is the cafe from the movie Amelie. Here is a tiny red car called Smart - Micro Compact Car. MCC was born of a meeting of minds in 1994 between Mercedes-Benz and Nicolas Hayek, the creator of Switzerland's Swatch. Here are me and Fred on the steps of the Sacre Coeur basilica, a place with one of the best views of Paris. Here is me by a promotional poster for the PSB's new album. We had seen a bigger cooler looking one in the Underground in London earlier but had failed to get a foto! This is us by the fountain at Le Centre Pompidou. Here is me by the Angers Castle. This is Maryann and me at Les Varietes, the cafe that was inbetween our 2 apts when we lived in Angers. We had lots of time to kill in the trains inbetween towns. This is a pic taken in the train when the camera was in the overhead luggage rack. There were silly signs in the trains about where cell phone use was permitted. We decided to do a series of fotos: Sleeping Cell Phone, Happy Cell Phone, and Naughty Cell Phone. Here is the gothic cathedral in Bourges, France. Here is a pic showcasing the gargoyles on the gothic cathedral in Metz, France. In Amsterdam we met up with Andrew and Maryann's friend Ron. Here's us at a pub. Here I am in the paddleboat we took for a ride on an Amsterdam canal. We went and visited our friend Rene at his house in a town a bit north of Amsterdam. This is us with Rene and his big tv. We went out for drinks and had some Bitter Lemon, which is quite tasty. That is Andrew, Rene and Melanie in that pic. And finally, a massive amount of cheese in Amsterdam.

3/20/02: They Might Be Giants graced us with their presence again and this time (happily) we didn't have to trek to Sauget. What was even better was before their concert they did an instore record signing and performance at Streetside Records. John L appeared to be extra smiley for some reason. See the pics.

3/15/02: It was the night of our ex-TALX co-workers' reunion happy hour. The idea was to gather up all the people who had worked there from when me and Kristi both started there back in July of 1995 till the division finally folded in October 1998. Pretty much the only people who showed up were the ones we had contacted by email. I guess everyone else was too busy. Ah well, their loss. We met up at TGIFridays and had many drinks and chatted. See it all here.

Afterwards, the group kinda all went separate ways. A lot of us continued on to some Irish pub in Maplewood called Nick's Pub. I didn't even know it existed. They had live Irish muzik which was pretty cool. (and Killian's on draught!) We met some random iron workers there and the drinking continued. Check it here. I drank too much and was feelin ill for pretty much all of Saturday. "Good times, good times..."

3/10/02: I was looking back over the party pics and something struck me. Look here and see what you think.

3/9/02: Ah Maryann and Colleen had yet another wonderful party. I actually enjoyed this one more than the last for some reason. Probably more liquor in the punch this time. It was a lot of standing around, drinking, talking and laughing. I heard there was to be some cheese fondue or something but that it was destroyed early on in the night. Anyway, go look at the pictures.

3/1/02: Went and saw the Britney movie, Crossroads, at the Galleria. Need I say more about that really? I think I've already said too much. We had the whole theatre to ourselves so we used this as a photo opportunity.

2/27/02: Went to the newly reopened Mangia italian restaurant. Here's Shooie posing with the mural of demons.

2/9/02 (The day of the Mardi Gras parade): We couldn't be arsed to get up in time to go to the parade so we just went around 3pm to see what was going on. Here's me.

On our walk to where the action was we were behind some hoosier guy whose pants were totally falling off. Like, the waist had to be below his ass. Not sure if you can tell in this pic but he was walking just like Dick Van Dyke when he was pretending to be a penguin in Mary Poppins.

Lots of crazy drunk people everywhere per usual and some in costumes.

I went there with Maryann and Tom. Here's us again.

We went and visited Kim who was working at Norton's for the day. Tom had some red beans and rice. It was the usual scene there, tons of loud and drunken people, lots of boobs and beads everywhere you looked. The weather was really great though and it didn't start to get cold until the sun went down. Here we are again.

1/18/02: Went and hung out with my fam for awhile at A'mi's (formerly Talyami's) italian restaurant. Lindsey was being her usual sassy self.

Then it finally snowed for real. Three inches I think.

1/17/02: No pics today but the new KMFDM single "Boots" finally showed up on Audiogalaxy! It's a humourous cover of "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'". Check it.

1/12/02: Me and Tom met up with Joyce, Sam and Maryann at Rocket Bar for a few drinks after we had dinner with Tom's fam for his bday. Here's us again. One highlight was when we spotted a rare "skullet-mo-mullet" (skullet mullet mixed with mohawk) across the room. Luckily we had zoom on the camera so we could capture this fine specimen for you.

1/12/02: Monica and I met up for lunch at the Joy Luck chinese buffet. It was supa-cool cuz I hadn't seen her since July. Here are a couple more ... Monica pics.

01/11/02: Surprise Birthday Gathering for Tom! We ended up taking so many pictures at this thing that I'm going to take the easy way out and just list them in a directory instead of linking them to the text. Most of the pics are self-explanatory. I told everyone to come to Pink Galleon (Billiards) after work on Friday to celebrate Tom's bday. There was much pool playing, drinking, chatting and air hockey going on. I think everyone had a good time. You can see it all here. (If you hover your mouse pointer over the filename you can see the entire filename at the bottom of your screen.) Thanks very much to everyone who showed up. :)

01/05/02: Me and Maryann went to Llewellen's pub for some drinks. We also noted that everyone around us was ordering these homemade potato chip (crisps!) lookin things so we got some of those as well. We were just having some drinks and sitting around when we noticed that a band was setting up to play. Upon further inspection I figured out it was Jive Turkey, the band of my first grade friend Chris Clutter. He plays drums. Matt Risch was playing keyboards. I remember him from Jr. High. Him and Jenni used to be neighbors.

We were feeling dumb so we attempted to take some pictures of the band without seeming like we were really taking pictures of them. Here is the [failed] result of that.

Maryann did eventually manage to get an actual picture of the band later, however. Here is a close-up of Chris and Matt.

We also noted there appeared to be a small group of people right by the stage who appeared to actually be there just to see the band. We deemed them "the groupies" and took a few more sly pics of them. Maryann thinks maybe one was cute.

At some point our bartenders seemed to have forgotten about us. Here is me yelling for drinks. That didn't seem to work so Maryann was hurrying to finish hers because possibly two empty glasses would call more attention to our cause.

The muzik was getting too loud to be able to talk so we decided to leave there and we just drove around for awhile. At this point it started snowing. Here is a random pic of snow on Locust. We eventually decided to go to the Rocket Bar. On the way in we stopped to try eating some snow.

Rocket Bar was dead as hell for some reason. There were like 10 people there. Dunno what was up with that. It was nearing midnite on a Saturday nite. We just sat and talked and had some beers. For some reason I find it really humourous that they have Old Style on draught.

12/31/01 (New Year's Eve): Me and Tom got ready and went over to my mom's house for a bit to eat all their appetizery food and see what was going on over there. Had some champagne and hung out and then it was time to go to Galaxy.

At Galaxy we met up with Joyce and Sam and her brother Keith. Sam was enjoying some Miller High Life (Champagne of Beers) as usual. Pretty soon Keiko showed up and we all watched the band that was on, Son Of William. We determined they were a bit too metal for our tastes and needed some keyboards or something. The highlight of the show was when a fire started on stage when flaming baton came in contact with a curtain. Nice!

Midnight finally came and everyone snogged and snogged some more.

After the band, someone came on stage and did a weird stripteasy type dance. They would have us believe they were a woman but I was quite convinced it was a man (who had gone thru some changes...) Note: Don't look at the pics if you're at work and your boss is near by etc etc. Pic 1. | Pic 2. | Pic 3. | Pic 4. These pics are worth seeing if only for the reactions of the guys in the crowd.

Then it was time for the fetish show. It is usually pretty silly and/or lame but our friend Keiko was in it so we had to see what was up. When Keiko first came out she had material hanging down like wings clothespinned to her arms which someone ripped off. ow! Some other stuff happened but I had to go to the loo so I missed it.

That was pretty much it for the night. We stayed there till it closed and then we left. Here's some pics of me and Tom in the cab on the ride home.

12/30/01: Next day Kim and I went to lunch at House Of India (Indian Buffet). We were happy to see that the chickpeas were back. Otherwise...there was going to be trouble.

Then we went to Frontenac (the mall) to see if anything was on sale at Gap Body and to return some stuff. I got 2 cool shirts for $10 each (at Gap). The cheapest thing I found at any of the other stores there was like $42. Screw that noize.

I gave one of the shirts to Tom cuz I am so nice. Then we started reading the manual that goes with this digital camera to find out all the other stuff it can do. Coming soon: our first short online silent movie.

12/29/01: Next day Shooie came over and him and me and Tom went out to dinner at The King & I (Thai place). We didn't feel like taking the camera though which is a shame because we ended up sitting at the cool sit-on-the-floor type tables and a super cute tiny asian baby was at the table across from us. Darn!

12/28/01: Me, Kim, Geoff and Tom went to Arcelia's (Mexican place) for dinner and there was a long wait for a table. Other customers kept squeezing past us and being all disgruntled. One woman was overheard saying "the food was hot, the service was fast, but I'm never coming back." We weren't sure what that was about. This is us in the waiting area better known as a tiny hallway.

Geoff doesn't like getting his picture taken. Note we are wearing the same coat.

But our meal was fine and the service was fine so I'm not sure what everyone was being surly about. As we were leaving we noticed that the first tiny specks of snow had started to fall.

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